Dollar General Expands Nationwide Supply Chain for Improved Efficiency and Growth

Dollar General Corp. is proud to announce the expansion of its nationwide supply chain network, aimed at enhancing efficiency and supporting the company’s growth. The discount retailer has recently opened new distribution centers in Blair, Nebraska, and established permanent regional hubs in Newnan, Georgia, and Fort Worth, Texas. Additional expansion plans are underway in Jonesville, South Carolina, and Amsterdam, New York. These strategic developments align with Dollar General’s commitment to providing better service to customers and local communities.


Blair Distribution Center Boosts Job Creation and Self-Distribution Capabilities Dollar General’s newly opened Blair distribution center in Nebraska is set to create around 400 job opportunities and represents a substantial investment of approximately $140 million in Washington County. This state-of-the-art facility is the company’s first ground-up dual distribution center, combining the strengths of traditional and DG Fresh supply chain networks. The Blair center plays a crucial role in Dollar General’s strategic shift toward self-distribution of frozen and refrigerated products. The DG Fresh network already serves over 19,000 stores through 12 facilities. A grand opening celebration for the Blair distribution center is scheduled for summer 2023.

Georgia and Texas:

Permanent Regional Hubs Enhance Distribution Capabilities Dollar General has expanded its distribution capacity by over 2 million square feet with the establishment of permanent regional facilities in Newnan, Georgia, and Fort Worth, Texas. These strategically located hubs will employ around 200 individuals each and serve as essential intermediaries between import locations and Dollar General’s distribution center network. The increased storage capacity will ensure efficient and timely delivery of products to stores.

South Carolina:

Jonesville Distribution Center Expansion Dollar General has invested approximately $45 million to expand its Jonesville distribution center in South Carolina. Originally opened in 2005, this facility’s recent 250,000-square-foot addition, completed in spring 2023, will further enhance the company’s distribution capabilities in the region. The expansion demonstrates Dollar General’s commitment to continuously improving its operations and serving local communities.

New York:

Plans for a DG Fresh Facility to Support Distribution Center In New York, Dollar General has exciting plans to construct a 170,000-square-foot DG Fresh facility, complementing the existing traditional distribution center established in 2019. The company expects to finalize property acquisition by fall 2023 and commence construction in 2024. This expansion will enable Dollar General to meet growing demand and efficiently distribute a wide range of products.

Upcoming Distribution Centers:

Arkansas, Colorado, and Oregon Dollar General is currently in the process of constructing three additional distribution centers in North Little Rock, Arkansas; Aurora, Colorado; and Salem, Oregon. These new facilities will further strengthen the company’s supply chain network and support its expansion goals.

Factors Considered in Distribution Center Selection When choosing distribution center sites, Dollar General takes into account various factors, including proximity to stores, local business environments, and the availability of a skilled workforce. These considerations ensure optimal efficiency and seamless operations across the network.

Tony Zuazo, Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Dollar General, stated, “The recent additions to our supply chain network aim to provide greater efficiencies, create additional jobs, and drive positive economic impact. We’re excited to continue growing our distribution center network to further support store growth and better serve our customers and local communities.”

Dollar General’s DG Media Network (DGMN) Partnership and Customer Engagement Enhancements In addition to supply chain expansion, Dollar General’s partnership with Meta’s DG Media Network (DGMN) enables advertisers to access the company’s vast customer base of over 90 million unique profiles across the

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